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The most enjoyable part of a kitchen remodel was working with Andy.  He guided me through the process of designing a perfect kitchen for my needs.  I shared my ideas with him and he incorporated then beautifully into a wonderful design.  The workmanship was so well executed and my cabinets began to take form.  When the wood was not of Andy's liking he returned it and made sure that the wood was of the finest quality.  Andy took the time to keep me informed as to the status of my cabinets on a regular basis. Once the kitchen was complete, Andy came back and put in soft closing hardware on the doors because he knew I would enjoy them.

The finished product was more that I could have dreamed of.  I would recommend Andy to anyone who is in need of top quality cabinetry and know you will enjoy his warm and easy going personality.

~ Becky Fahs


Thank you so much for everything you did to ensure that our kitchen in Templeton turned out so beautifully!!! Your guidance, your skills, your experience and expertise, installation, recommendation of the countertop company, placement of knobs and pulls was so appreciated. You truly are a very gifted craftsman and cabinetmaker. We are so thankful for you.

Thanks again,
~ Holly and Mike Pera


Dear Andrew,
We are very happy to be writing this letter to you, and telling you how much we are enjoying our remodeled kitchen-especially the cabinetry!! With all of the upgrades that our kitchen went through, the cabinets have had the most impact-providing both beautiful form and functionality that we appreciate every day. Your insightful advice on design, placement, sizes, and type was helpful and professional. The way you were able to combine the visual artistry and practical use has made our space so much better than we thought possible.

Throughout the process, you were always the calm, flexible, and timely part of what could have been a chaotic equation. We really relied on your consistent, reliable input. Thanks for all you have done for us. We highly recommend your work, and are happy to be a reference for you as needed.

~ Sincerely,
Bonnie and Steve Burt


It seems in my profession as a general contractor there are people you simply work with, and then people you really enjoy and look forward to working with.   Andrew Platzer is one of those I will always look forward to.

On a scale of 1 to 10, he is definitely a 10.   My reasons for this are.    He is always friendly, pleasant, and personable to my clients and myself.   His product is pretty much perfect, which is no easy task, and I have high expectations that he meets.   I have also found him to be fair, honest, and prompt in all of his services.   I feel he gives my jobs a lot of personal attention which seems to always show in the finished product.   He is also very tuned in to the current trends, and is absolutely an expert in his field.

I could say more, but it is obvious that Andrew is a great cabinet maker. Thank you Andrew.

~ Brad Fogel
Designer / Builder


Any survey of his work will confirm that Andrew Platzer is a rare combination of artist and craftsman.  What cannot be seen in the finished work is his process.  He is an enthusiastic collaborator both with his client and with the other contractors on the job.  And of special importance to us, he feels an on-going responsibility to be sure the cabinets he installed continue to work as we expect.

I recommend him without reservation.
~ Donovan Marley


At first we thought Andrew's work was too "high end" for us. I mean, his reputation preceded him as excellent in terms of quality; but also a bit high priced….
 So, we first went down to the usual suspects at The Home Depot. After having our time THOROUGHLY wasted, we came away with the realization that if we wanted something that actually worked and fit, and was nice to look at and was likely to last; there was no question about it. What Andrew had to offer was not only superior in every way, but was actually a WAY better value.
Had we knew then what we know now: We could have saved a TON of time—and time IS money!
~ Lucas Valdes


Andrew has done a couple of cabinet jobs for my home and office and I have to say he gets an "A" on all fronts.  High quality fit and finish, on time, clean installation and good price, a combination that is hard to find in today's marketplace.  And, he will work with you to get all these just right for you and your budget. Andrew is an excellent source for cabinets and I would recommend him to anyone.  

~ Dennis Howland
DLH Industries


I can't say enough about the quality and craftsmanship of Platzer Cabinetry.

From conception to completion the utmost in care is given to the smallest of details.
Thanks for everything!!

~ Andy of Ketch-All


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